One-Year YouTube Anniversary!

Wowza! It seems like it’s been a lot longer that we’ve been doing this YouTube stuff, but I’m glad that we’re so young because that means we have a lot of time to grow up and mature into an awesome production crew!

It’s kind of amazing to me how quickly we adapted to all of this. I remember sending Caroline a Facebook message inquiring if she wanted to start weekly vlogging with me, and from there we started things up within the same week of talking about it! Caroline and Alex hopped on so quickly, and look how far we’ve come this year! It’s true that there were many times where life got in the way of us making regular content like we wanted, but here we are coming back to it and hoping that a good and consistent year lies ahead!

If I had to describe our first year of YouTube content creating, my self-critical self would call it awkward and low-budget. At the same time though, it’s because we’re low budget that makes our first year really precious to me! This was our stepping out year, and although we didn’t have fancy equipment or as much experience with what content sells we persisted and, as Caroline was telling me, we’re kind of established now. I can’t say that I’m proud of every single one of our videos, but I can say that as a whole I’m extremely proud of the breadth and depth of content we’ve produced.

I’ve been to Pixar four separate times this past fall season, and every time I went there I just felt this intense sense of collaboration and getting involved in things, and honestly I get that sense from PTP too! I don’t know about Caroline or anybody else, but I’ve been getting a ton of great ideas from everybody! Like Caroline was the one who put the idea into my head to do movie reviews, and then it was Caroline again who perked my interest in time lapse montages, it was Sarah who kept pestering me to start up Monday Fun Days again, Alex’s constant enthusiasm and eagerness to be involved, and Grace’s insistence that I should film as much as I can even if I don’t personally think it’s that interesting! And all of that teamwork and collaboration culminated in a mere three days when we all came together to film Riverwood Cabin when we were really supposed to be relaxing on vacation. We got outside, got dirty, really tried with cinematography and mood, even had a makeup artist, and we really put in a lot of effort into that one, and I’m so proud of us! The point is that I’m just so impressed with the diversity on our channel, and I’m excited to see all the new kinds of diversity that will go up in the coming year!

I’m really proud of what we did this year, but I also don’t want to repeat the year. I think that we were finding our footing this year and getting used to this kind of responsibility. This coming year I want us to focus on quality! I want to make shorts that have a lot more pre-production planning so that filming and post-production goes smoother. I want to buy a fancy camera so we can have beautiful footage to work with. I want microphones for better sound quality. I want more Tumblr activity and behind-the-scenes updates. I want to make vlogs that I’m individually proud of instead of just being proud of the collective product. A lot of that is probably not really plausible for the next year, but nonetheless I want to aspire to that this year! That’s my resolve for PTP 2014, and I’m going to work hard and expect everyone else to make sure that I work hard so that we can realize those resolutions!

But anyway, happy anniversary Pallet Town Pals! To Caroline, Alex, Sarah, Grace, Erika, and Amanda, I really love you guys and am so proud to call myself a Pallet Town Pal!


Brave (Rewatching) Review

Alright so I gotta say, when I first saw Brave in theaters, I admit that I did cry at the end, but I didn’t think it was that great. I mean I enjoyed it, but I didn’t really think it matched up to the older Pixar films.

And yet I’ve been having major computer problems these days, and the only thing that will keep my computer from shutting down is if something is constantly moving on the screen (don’t question me, it’s weird but it works), so what I’ve done is I just play Brave on repeat in the background as I work on stuff, and then my computer doesn’t freeze when I’m doing something important.

So the movie has really grown on me! I’m not going to go into too much detail, but I really love the focus on the mother daughter dynamic, and I also really love the fact that they use so many lyrical songs (which is rare for Pixar films). The Scottish setting too is really neat. And her hair! I still can’t believe how well it’s animated (as well as her mom’s bear fur while they’re playing in the water, such an improvement)!

But really the reason I’m writing this is because it seems that a lot of critics didn’t like Brave because they felt it was some kind of failed attempt at a cliche feminist Disney princess film, and that makes me so angry! First of all, I have no problem with the Disney princess films. I’m a girl, and I don’t freaking care that a lot of the princesses are “submissive” or don’t really engage in the final battle or whatever. I will forever love the Disney princess films. But back to the point at hand, Brave is not Pixar’s attempt at a feminist movie! I mean, just because this is the first Pixar movie to have a female protagonist doesn’t mean it’s automatically a feminist film!

While the film does contrast the roles of men and women, that’s not really the main point of the movie. The biggest theme is communication and compromise with the world around you—just because you’re born into something or just because you’re having differing opinions with someone doesn’t mean you can’t resolve the situation by having more empathy for one another. Yes, the film is about a mother and her daughter, but that’s not inherently feminist. This film is like the feminine version of Lion King basically (not really, just in which family relationships are emphasized).

Also, Brave differs from the Disney princess movies on a very fundamental level too. The Disney stories were all based on fairy tales, and one of the key components of fairy tales is the missing birth mother. Fairy tales either include step mothers or no mothers at all, and that is what starts the basic fairy tale formula—if you don’t have a mother then you’re screwed because mothers are the only ones who will always protect their children. Step mothers? No, step mothers are evil replacements of real mothers so they will mess kids up, but real mothers will always be the most sacred things to a child’s life (sorry if there are any step mothers out there, but this is just a basic fairy tale motif). Brave, unlike the other princess films, is one of the only to actually have the mother alive, but it is also the first to solely focus on the mother daughter relationship. The film carries a very similar tone to classic fairytales, and yet this helps make it unique. Brave is the telling of an original fairy tale, a new fairy tale that actually utilizes the alive mother figure to tell how important mothers are to their children. Recycling fairy tale lessons in a new and unique way is really difficult! And I think Brave pulled it off successfully!

So anyway, no I really don’t think Brave is some attempt at a feminist film (not that there’s anything wrong with feminist films). While I do think that Pixar was trying to diversify their films more by having a female protagonist, that move in general is not inherently feminist. Secondly, I think Brave as a whole is a great film! It’s nicely paced, it’s funny, the animation is awesome (her hair, man!), and it’s so heart warming, especially to any girl who loves her mother. Gawd why can’t these critics lay off the feminism critiques!? Don’t criticize a film company for expanding their character diversity!

I revise my judgement, I think this is a great Pixar film.

7/26/13 Blog Update

Woohoo! Thanks so much to Grace for our new banner that features all of us! <3 Now that we’ve gotten a banner our blog has been updated!

We now have links to all of our individual Tumblr blogs as well as a brand spankin’ new Navigational Tags Page that will help everyone find what they’re looking for, or help them find some things that they didn’t know they were looking for! So take a look around and enjoy (I worked really hard organizing everything =w=)!

The Pit

A super short Jason Todd Fanfiction blurb about the time he spent in the Lazarus Pit during his mental resurrection. I just read Batman: Under the Hood and Red Hood: The Lost Days and was so inspired! Turns out, I love Jason Todd even more than I used to which seems impossible but… never say never.

It was an eternity of torture that flashed like a moment and lingered like smoke. The burn spread through his veins until it bubbled and boiled and it felt like he would burst out of his skin like an overripe fruit. Every fiber of his being hurt. All he could comprehend was the pain.

But then as the burn receded the pain increased. With every memory came a little more anguish, a little more hurt. From their first meeting to training to patrol, every goddamn significant moment of his life was tainted. 

He would never live without the pain. Every step, every breath would remind him of what he had lost. A Father, Brothers, Family, Legacy, and most of all his Identity. But he would return. No one could keep him down. Not the burn of the Lazarus Pit or the pain of his memories. 

Bruce may have left him. May have refused to care for him. May have put the Joker before him. But none of that mattered and yet it was the only thing that mattered. Because after everything that happened it was Bruce that pulled him out of the pit. The vengeance and the hate scoured his veins of the burn of the pit and left him with a single thought: to Make. Him. Pay. 

Continuing Self Discovery

The hardest part of this entire process has definitely been telling my parents and family.

It probably took me 1.5 months to work up the courage to tell my mom that my grades were bad. Which meant that I had 1.5 months of being constantly anxious and upset and worried about how I was going to tell her and the right time to tell her etc. On the plus side, once I did things were a lot better. She really impressed me with her ability to calmly take in the situation. Instead of wasting her time berating me for my bad decisions or hashing out the past she asked me constructive questions to help me build up my future. Another important thing she did was affirm that I am not a failure and that there is hope for me in the future. The thing is, when you’re at your low it’s really hard to remember those basic facts and for a lot of people, it takes active energy to remind themselves that there is HOPE. Lastly, as my parents are divorced I had to find a separate time to tell my dad and she gave me the option of just not telling him. I love my dad and value his advice so I definitely wanted to talk to him about it but just the idea that she was on “my” side (not that there are sides) made me really happy. 

So this went down sometime around father’s day. Obviously, you spend father’s day with your father but I didn’t want to take that day and spring it on my dad then so I actually just told him the first week of July. My dad actually reacted a lot like my mom with similar calmness and affirmation. Really, they both reassured me that it was okay to question my career and to question what I wanted to do. That my situation didn’t indicate failure but one inevitable obstacle in life of which I would experience many more in the future. Dad was so clear that I had his support and he would help me through this and that made a world of difference.

Part of the reason why my parents are so important is that they are paying for my education. Not being able to achieve the level of success that they are paying for is painful. Another reason is that I always felt my mom would live with me after I got married. Not being able to provide for her worries me. Finally, I really love my parents. They did a lot in raising me and taking care of me and I want to make them happy. However, a large part of this self discovery process has been separating my desires and passions from theirs and learning to follow mine.

So in the end, they handled it really well and I am so thankful for their presence in my life. Not all parents are as supportive or even present in their kids’ lives so props mom and dad. 

Self Discovery/ Soul Searching/ WTF Am I Doing

I have been going crazy. Absolutely insane. My situation has driven me to stress of a kind I’ve never felt before. Usually when I’m stressed out my escape is sleep: no thinking, no analyzing, no agonizing. This time is different, if anything I can’t sleep. I’ll stay awake until 4 or 5 in the morning until I’m so tired that I have to stop and close my eyes. And now, I’m running out of time.

It all started a month ago or so. Found out my grades. Not happy. Had to wrestle with myself to tell my Mom. Painful and tear-jerking. Was told to give up on my dreams. Had to think of new dreams. Had to figure out which dreams were real dreams. Had to figure out what the fuck was going on in this crazy brain of mine. And I have BARELY scratched the surface.

What I’ve come up with so far is this: somehow, someway things are going to work out. I know I’m going to graduate college pretty close to debt free which is a HUGE blessing. I know that my parents love me. I know that I’m 19, my life isn’t even close to over and even if it doesn’t feel like it, I HAVE TIME. 

Things I still don’t know: whether I still want to go to medical school. Whether my weird depression and other issues are real or just an excuse for me to tell myself that because it’s okay for me to be failing at life because I’m “damaged” or “broken”. What I want to do with my life. Who will adopt my cat. What I can do to fix things. How to tell my Dad about all this since he has no idea and still thinks I’m going to med school for sure…

All in all, I’ve discovered somethings but have so much stuff to still figure out. And I think the most important thing I’ve found out is the depth to which I have lied to myself. All my life I told myself that I had to attain this degree of excellence or I was a failure. That every mistake I made was a product of my stupidity. That I was a negative impact, always screwing things up and making things worse. I told myself that it was okay for me to deny my feelings. That above all I needed to keep the peace. That I owed the world, my family, and everyone else so the only way to repay that was to be a perfect person. And over the years, all of that has become who I am. It’s not even second nature, it’s FIRST nature. And somehow I’ve become someone that doesn’t want to get out of bed or even live because it’s always filled with failure after failure.

But now, I’m trying to sift through myself and my thoughts and personality to find out who I am and who I want to be. The good thing is, the universe and Higher Power is looking out for me in it’s own way by providing me with books and movies and media that are all telling me that I can change and be different. Honestly, I think I’m one fucked up person but maybe that’s because I’m me and I’m 19 and I’ve experienced 1/5 of my life. Or maybe not. But either way, I just want to go up. I’m tired of feeling like I’ve hit rock bottom and I refuse to allow myself to sink further. Let’s hear it for willpower! Let’s see how this all turns out because I have 10 days to make a decision. 10. Days. Even I’m curious.

Teen Titan’s Review (2003-2011)

I first fell in love with Teen Titans when the animated cartoon came out. It was SO COOOOOOOOL!!! Favorite character by far was Starfire and then Robin. That was an excellent, excellent show. 

The comic series… very interesting. Perhaps it’s because I watched the cartoon first but it was impossible for me to love Teen Titans the comic. While very easy to enjoy and like, IMPOSSIBLE to love.

In the beginning it started out fine. I’ve watched Young Justice as well so I was definitely familiar with most of the characters and could follow what was going on. Then things started to get FUCKED UP. 

I can’t summarize the entire series because after about 30 issues it just bleeds into a widening net of characters with equally confusing backstories and connections between each other. Part of that lies with the nature of the Teen Titans: they are an extremely large organization with members all over so people that you forget are always popping up again. Which is not necessarily bad; It keeps things fresh while there are several  ”main characters” that reoccur throughout the series so you get emotionally invested in their development as well.

In fact, one of the most memorable Titans was Kid Devil. A heartbreaking past with a dark present and no bright future. Full of angsty, luscious hurt and confusion and that is what made this enjoyable. The series is full of misunderstood and pained Titans, each trying to find their own place in the world and hoping to use the Teen Titans to do so. And each eventually finds that the Teen Titans isn’t all it’s crocked up to be and although it’s a team of heroes, the heroes are all too human as well and oh so flawed.

Those were all good things about Teen Titans which is why it’s even more upsetting that it got so, so wrong. The biggest flaw was that you HAD to read it in conjunction with issues from other series which may not seem like a big deal but I just wanted to know about the TITANS! It’s ridiculous to me that they had such huge plotholes that the series could not be enjoyed and understood on it’s own. Then, there are all those weird dead people that aren’t dead and live people that die and then come back and so much confusion and everything is FUCKED UP!!!!

I’ll be reading and all of a sudden it’s just like “What the fuck, where did you come from and where have you been for the last 30 issues???” The lack of continuity and plain old storytelling prevented me from loving this series.

All in all, a good read and not something I regret. I love comparing and contrasting the cartoon versions of these characters who are so iconic to my childhood. Have I ever read this series again when I’ve read both Batgirls multiple times through? Nope. 

Cowboy Bebop Session #14 “Bohemian Rhapsody” Analysis

Well, let’s see, this Chessmaster Hex character is pretty interesting. He went from someone set on revenge and anger, to a simple old man who lived for the simple pleasures, and all of that change resulted from one thing—forgetting about his past. Now is that something most people can relate with? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t want to forget my past, and I don’t think it would make me a happier person, like it did for Hex, and I also don’t think that any of the Bebop characters would become better people if they would have forgotten their pasts (let’s just ignore Faye’s situation for right now, because it makes things really complicated, although it is something worth looking into for later episodes—was Faye better off with or without her memory?). Rather than saying that people are better off forgetting their pasts, I think it’s more of something to let go of. Take Vicious, for example, who we talked in depth about last week. If he could have just accepted the fact that Spike and Julia were lovers, and if he could have let go of the fact that Spike had gotten away and was free, instead of hunting him down, then I bet Vicious would have lead a simpler and more care free life. The syndicate, under Mao Yenrai, would have changed to more peaceful terms, and Vicious would have gone along with that. But because he couldn’t accept Spike’s actions, he isolated himself and now walks the difficult path of hatred and absolution. You may disagree with this, but this is what I think. The same goes for Spike. At the same time however, Spike is constantly running from his past, and his past is constantly chasing him—not the best formula for a peaceful life. Hex is a little luckier. It looks like his past is trying to hunt him down, but by that time he’s forgotten and so he’s free from that burden. It seems a little unfair doesn’t it? That just because he lost his memory he is somehow absolved from all the crap that he’s caused. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of losing our memory and being freed from our responsibilities, but that brings up the question, would you rather live with your memories or forget everything and be able to live peacefully? Obviously different situations yield different results (Faye vs Hex), but still, I think it’s an interesting question.

One other thing about this episode is the family dynamic, once again, with the Bebop crew. It’s almost like Ed is going through her rebellious teenager phase, when she’s like, “don’t bother me friends, I’m too busy playing chess!” Faye even gives Ed a little speech about helping out, but Ed is totally absorbed in her own thing that she can’t be bothered. Sound familiar? And then at the end the Bebop team gives up all the blackmailing possibilities they had with the gate company just so they could make sure that Ed’s friendship and happiness would be safe. Parents sacrifice a lot for their children to be happy, and the Bebop sacrificed a lot to keep Ed happy. As always, the Bebop crew likes each other a lot more than any of them like to let on. How cute!

Other More General Things that Didn’t Fit Into the Main Analysis:

  • Oh my, if only getting bounty heads was that easy for the Bebop team, they would have no money problems ever.
  • Looks like even in a futuristic society where space travel is possible taxes and border control is still a heavily emphasized thing, and big corporations who help maintain those governmental functions hold a lot of power, and a lot of responsibility. The strange thing in this episode is that we never really see what happens to that company. Where did all the money go? And did they ever get sued? Well, maybe those questions don’t matter to other people, but I’m still a little curious…
  • I wonder if there’s any significance in the parrots. Anyone around here an expert in bird imagery?
  • Well it looks like Edward likes to play for the thrill of the game instead of just for winning. I agree Ed! It’s more about the process and not just the main goal!
  • This homeless space outskirts, anarchist-like society is kind of interesting. It’s a place of total freedom, and in that sense, I would imagine Spike would like it there, but even so it’s just not exciting enough for him.
  • Oh ho ho, even the spacesuits that Faye wears come with high heels.
  • I find it very amusing that after all the drama with finding senile Chessmaster Hex and being disappointed, Spike and Faye are so fed up they just give up with their spacesuits and start smoking. Such a Bebop way to react, and I absolutely love it.

That’s it for this session, next up is a little glimpse at Faye’s past and *gasp* perhaps a man who broke Faye’s heart? Well we’ll just have to wait and see.


Cowboy Bebop Sessions 12&13 “Jupiter Jazz” Analysis

And we’re back with another one of the more serious episodes that ties into the main storyline, Jupiter Jazz, whose main theme examines the mysterious feeling of comradery and belonging, as well as chasing after one’s past ties. This analysis can be broken down into two categories, first how the episode sheds more light on Faye’s character, and second, the parallels and dynamics between Gren, Spike, and Vicious. Let’s get on with it then!

One part of this episode that I don’t think is often associated with it is how much characterization and insight the audience gets on Faye’s character in this episode. The overarching theme is comradery, and Faye starts the whole ordeal of the Bebop crew being drawn to Callisto anyway. Faye apparently feels hassled by the Bebop and says that it’s better to be alone in your own solitude than to feel alone in a group. Gren’s response to that however is that Faye only left them because she was afraid that they were going to leave her. What a sad prospect! And yet, it fits Faye so well. Faye running away and feeling sad about it is a pattern that we will see repeated later on in the series. Another revelation this makes about Faye’s character is that she hates the kind of person that gets close to her and then is so “selfish” to go off and die. Another sad notion, especially considering Session #26. Faye, due to her own past circumstances, doesn’t have any connections to her past and so she really has to treasure the ties that she has now, but even so I think because Faye is beaten down about losing her past ties so easily, she always has a biting fear that she may lose her ties to the Bebop just as easily and she’ll be even more miserable than before. Now the last insight we get to Faye’s character is her interest and yet sadness about Julia. I wouldn’t call Faye jealous, but she definitely hints at a kind of melancholy when she thinks about Julia, no doubt in relation to how Spike so blindly seems to chase this woman. And yet, for everyone who’s seen Session #26, we know that Faye should worry about Spike’s obsession with Julia. One last thing I would like to say about Faye is that these sessions have made me realize how similar Faye and Vicious are. It seems that Faye is afraid of feeling alone in a group and being betrayed, and in the same episodes Vicious expresses his frustrations of Spike always “leaving people out of the group.” If my memory serves correctly, Vicious and Julia were involved until Spike came into the picture, and then Spike and Julia got involved behind Vicious’s back. Now, I know that Vicious is the bad guy, but c’mon, Spike was not the best friend in that scenario, and Faye has the same kind of fear. It seems that Julia and Spike betrayed Vicious and ostracized him, and Faye fears the same thing, and she has good reason to, what with Spike and Jet always calling her selfish and cruel. The similarity is small, but still, I think it’s something worth thinking about.

Okay so enough about Faye, what about Spike? Honestly, I love Spike, but I really don’t like the way he acts in this episode. Because of Spike’s selfishness he and Jet get into a confrontation and they apparently part ways, Spike’s unconcern for Faye (when she cares so much about him) really pisses me off, and just the fact that he’s so arrogant and thinks he can go off by himself makes me angry! Why don’t you try being a team player every now and then Spike!? You have comrades! I guess you could say that that’s one thing Spike and Vicious have in common, they’re both lone wolves and tend to like keeping others in the dark. Speaking of which, here’s another similarity, they’re both tied to their past, but while Spike just looks at his past partially as something that he’s gotten away from and partially something that he has to find again, Vicious hates the traditional rules of they syndicate but he’s constantly trying to find Spike and kill him. Basically they’re both messed up and past obsessed.

And wait, there’s one more who can fit into that mix, and that’s our new character Gren. Gren, like Faye says however, is different from anyone else because Gren values comrades and he wants to have those ties. It seems like Spike and Vicious are so scarred and bitter about their messed up pasts that they’ve kind of thrown that word away. Perhaps Spike is slowly recovering, but Vicious certainly hasn’t. Gren, on the other hand, is chained to his past because he can’t give up the fact that his comrade betrayed him. If you want an analogy, you could say that Vicious is to Spike as Gren is to Vicious. Vicious seems to be chasing Spike because Vicious is bitter about Spike’s betrayal and abandonment of the syndicate, and Gren similarly is chasing after Vicious because he is bitter about Vicious’s betrayal after the war on Titan. Now here’s an interesting thing, Gren, after all of his work to find and confront Vicious, he dies. Now isn’t that a little foreshadowing. And the lesson then is this, if you are so obsessed and tied to your past that that’s the only thing you live for then you won’t be able to survive in the present long. Another thing is, as Faye will say much later in the series, “belonging is the very best thing there is.” In order to survive this stupid world, you need comrades and you need ones that won’t betray you. Gren and Vicious had comrades but were betrayed and so the only way that they can keep on living is to obsess over the comrades that they once knew. In Spike’s case, he found new comrades but he is still haunted by his old ones, and in Faye’s case, she has forgotten all her old comrades and thus desperately holds onto her new ones. And that brings up the final point, the strength of comradery stays for life. Even though Gren and Vicious parted ways a long time ago, those ties haunted Gren and eventually lead to his death—that’s the negative effect that such strong ties can have on someone, and we as an audience of Cowboy Bebop have yet to see what are some positive effects that come from comradery, but hopefully we’ll see some soon.

I’ve written so much, that I’m not even sure if this was analysis or plot summary, but either way thanks for reading!

Other More General Things that Didn’t Fit Into the Main Analysis:

  • I think that the first part of Jupiter Jazz has some of the most beautiful animation in the entire series, especially everything that has to do with Faye, seriously, I really love it.
  • It’s an interesting choice to begin and end the episodes in the same way, with almost the exact scene with Laughing Bull talking about what warriors are.
  • Okay, I really like Spike, but him leaving Jet behind just to find Julia is kind of an asshole move. What about bros before hoes!?
  • Faye is a fairy huh? Well I wonder if there’s any significance in that…
  • The crossdressers was a nice touch.
  • I really love the parallels between Spike and Faye in this episode with how they both beat up the same guys. I can’t place it, but I really like the action, animation, editing, and scripting in both of their scenes with those dudes. Also, I really love Faye’s puffy jacket.
  • It seems kind of ironic that Spike asks Vicious if he has been “dating Julia behind his back” because isn’t the truth of the matter that Spike dated Julia behind Vicious’s back. If that’s the case, what a low blow Spike! For some reason, I just am not liking Spike in this episode.
  • The Bebop team does some great editing in the last scene of Session 12 with the parallel action going on between Faye’s realization and Spike’s encounter with Vicious. It builds the tension really well and helps a lot with the cliffhanger!
  • I wonder what the significance is of having Gren gender issues, especially because he says that he is “both at the same time, yet neither.” I think it, again, has to do with belonging and companionship. If he’s neither a man nor a woman then it must be hard for him to find real companions or lovers or something like that.
  • The parallels that the Bebop team establishes between Faye and Julia are really quite interesting. They both hum that song to Spike in Session #5 Ballad of Fallen Angels, they both are the only ones that Gren talks to about Vicious, they both sit in the same bar stool, and they are both considered beautiful by all the men around them. And yet even with all these similarities, you can tell that Faye is feeling a little melancholy over the idea of Spike chasing after this Julia girl with so much conviction.
  • One of the most interesting aspects of Session #13, in my opinion, is that during the montage of Spike’s past, Faye kind of randomly shows up greeting Spike after he has woken up. Now, a main theme of Spike’s relation with his past is that it’s all a dream, and if Faye is waking him up, does that mean that the Bebop crew is his new reality? Or maybe he’s waking into a new dream? I don’t know, but I am more than certain that the Bebop team put in that clip of Faye for a reason, and I will certainly conclude what it’s about in the final session analyses!
  • "Oh, he’s one of those guys huh?” HA. Good one Jet.
  • Ed is always left behind when something serious happens, but it has a lot to do with what Faye tells Ed—they’re “adult” matters. It will not be included in this series of episode analyses, but one day I will write something about the importance of Ed to the Bebop team, since a lot of people seem to have mixed feelings about her.

Well that was a long one wasn’t it? But that’s what happens when the Bebop team makes these intense two part episodes! Next week if I can dish out two more sessions in one week then I will be officially all caught up, having taken those couple weeks adjusting to my class schedule, so hopefully next week we’ll cover the most drawn out game of space chess ever, and also get a special peek into Faye-Faye’s dear past! Tune in next week!


Lulz, Unearthed from my high school years

In high school my senior year english teacher assigned us to write a portfolio on a bunch of different topics so I decided to post this one up since it’s about my first Fanime <3 So many wonderful memories!!

11th Grade Memory         

Today is the day before Fanime! I’m so excited I can barely sleep! I just spent forever planning outfits and packing with Alex. It took so long because I had to make my own skirt really quickly and I’m not particularly good at sewing. We were up for a long time doing that but I still can’t sleep

        Fanime is a convention. It’s held every year in San Jose and it’s for Anime and Manga. Anime is animated cartoons of manga. Manga are Japanese comic books. I read a lot of manga and so do my friends. People underestimate the storyline and how wonderful manga is. However, you can get a lot from manga that you don’t from regular books. For example, the pictures are beautiful and the storylines are great. It’s a little sad that more people don’t read it! As I finally fell asleep I was imagining what it would be like there. I’ve never gone to famine before… what will it be like?

            As we drove down to San Jose it was fun. I was in the car along with Alex and Dana and we were excited to get there! Never had the drive to San Jose seemed so long and tedious! We told jokes in the car and sang along with the radio. We constantly speculated about what it would be like! Although it was my first time, both of them had gone before so they had a better idea.

            As we pulled up to the convention center there were lots of people. I mean a huge crowd of people who all loved anime and manga. There were also a lot of cosplayers which was really intimidating! Cosplay is where you dress up as a character from an anime, manga, or video game. However, as these things are all really fantastical, so are the costumes! It looked like a circus had exploded! People were taking pictures left and right, trying to capture their favorite character in real life.

            I walked in to registration to pick up my badge and nametag. Unfortunately, the line was disgustingly long and I had to wait for about an hour! The wait was horrible for me! My other friends had been smart and preordered their tickets. They only had to wait five minutes! Although it was interesting to see the other people in line with me, I really wanted to go!

            As I walked by the information center and asked for directions, something unexpected happened. I was carrying un sharpened sai, weapons, along with my get-up. Someone noticed and asked me to get the peace banded. However, as I went I was immediately reprimanded. Apparently even unsharpened steel is not allowed at the convention because it is still considered a weapon. I had to immediately leave the building or I would get arrested. I was mortified! I had no idea about this rule! I went outside and had to call my mom to come and pick them up. Thankfully she was at the hotel in San Jose that we were staying at and it was really close. Otherwise I would have been in huge trouble! She came and picked them up and I was allowed into the convention without going to jail. Great.

            Going inside we ended up spending all day at artist’s alley. Artists alley is a huge room in the convention center set up for people to sell their art and fan art that they had made. There are hundreds of stalls set up all over the room in a giant maze. People in colorful and sometimes unwieldy costumes ran around looking for the best picture. I walked around with my friends, stopping to haggle with the people at the stalls and buying art. I bought so many posters! The best thing was I got most of them from one artist and they gave me a huge discount. Even with the discount, it was still seventy dollars, and who says artists don’t make money?

            That night we went to the rave. Dancing to techno and anime music under strobe lights with more people in costume is pretty fun. In fact, the entire convention is fun. Not just because it’s about anime and manga, which I love, but also because of the atmosphere. It’s like we’re all a huge family. People are willing to help you if you’re lost, stop for you to take pictures, give you a hug, give you some food money, and they’re all strangers! People have a huge camaraderie at these events because like it or not, we’re all weird. Regular people generally don’t understand why we like what we like and many times they even dislike us for that. Even at the convention a group of protestors showed up claiming we are all spawn of the devil. That was a not so great part of the trip.

All in all, Fanime had a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time at the convention, the first time staying in a hotel with my friends, the first time sleeping away from home for a trip with my friends, my first time buying art, my first time going to a rave, and my first time being called the spawn of the devil. These are all things that made this experience not only unforgettable, but incredible. I would never trade that Fanime for anything- not a hundred posters, a genuine kakashi cosplay, unlimited manga… nothing! I wish regular people would think about coming to events like these because its only here that you see the true heart of every otaku.